Monday, August 3, 2015

Hop Rocket travel booking

Hey HopRocketeers! 

We here at Ground Control love what we’re seeing! With all this activity, we’ve become aware of some confusion when it comes to a few things.
Hang in there! We built a 1-page Compensation Plan guide that you can see in the Resources tab of your Back Office. The full Compensation Plan will be posted to Resources soon. In addition, we have a Climb Worksheet that can help you plug in the names that will be part of your Climb, and your next Climb…keep climbing!
Take a look at those tools and rest assured more is on the way. For now, we hope this summary will help to clarify a few things for you:


A $200 credit (to be used in savings) given to Guests to “test drive” HopRocket™ in order to review the various membership options (1 credit equals 1 dollar). 
The HopPass™ can be used to reduce the cost of a hotel, condo, cruise and other products from the retail price to the Member rate. For example, if a Guest sees that a hotel reservation has a retail rate of $120 and a Member rate of $90, the Guest can use $30 of their allotted $200 HopPass to “buy down” to the Member rate. The Guest then has $170 of their HopPass left to use toward other savings. 
Guests are not able to purchase additional credit, but they will have the chance to view Elite Member rates and deals. If a Guest likes what they see, they can upgrade their membership at any time. What a great way to introduce someone to the savings they can enjoy with membership!


Member: Members use HopPoints to reduce the rate of a hotel, condo or cruise to the Elite Member price. One HopPoint equals one dollar. No partial HopPoints can be used for the difference between the retail rate and the Elite Member rate. HopPoints continue to accumulate as the Member pays their monthly subscription, but HopPoints expire after 12 months. HopPoints are made available for use with no vesting schedule. 
Elite Member: When a Member upgrades to Elite membership, their HopPoints transfer with them. In addition, Elite Members are awarded HopPoints dollar for dollar on a $300 enrollment fee (300 HopPoints) and on their $60.00 monthly membership subscription (60 HopPoints). The 300 enrollment points are available immediately after enrollment but will expire 12 months from the date awarded. 60 HopPoints will be awarded to Elite Members for every monthly membership subscription paid, but require a 12-month vesting period to be used and will expire 12 months between award and expiry.
HopPoints are only available for use on any product that has HopPoints assigned to it. Elites cannot purchase additional HopPoints. HopPoints cannot be applied to Cars or Airfare. 

Rocket Rewards™

Unlike HopPoints, Rocket Rewards can be used to pay for an entire reservation request on any travel product (hotel, air, car, condo, cruise, car rental, tour packages). Rocket Rewards are earned by Elite Members as a percentage of the enrollment fee (10% of enrollment commissions earned) from their downline referrals. 
In order to use Rocket Rewards, Elites must pay for the entire reservation using this currency type. Like other forms of alternate currency, Rocket Rewards is based on a ratio of one point equaling one dollar. Although Rocket Rewards don’t have a vesting period, they do expire after a year.

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